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    In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of marijuana concentrates available, including Budder, Shatter, and Sugar. While some people use only Shatter, other users find these products a welcome alternative to marijuana flowers as seen on the best bud. There are some pros and cons to each type of marijuana concentrate. If you’re interested in trying one, read on! We’ll discuss a few methods of extraction and the benefits of each. The best marijuana concentrate is one that delivers on its promise.

    Nug runs

    If you’re looking for a high-quality marijuana concentrate, then you’ll be interested in Nug runs. These cannabis extracts are extracted from the nugs and stems of the plant, rather than the trim. The resulting concentrates tend to have more potent flavor and aroma than trim runs. But how do you know which one is right for you? You’ll find out by dabbing it!

    The main difference between trim and nug runs is the concentration of cannabinoids. Nug runs contain more cannabinoids than trim run, and they have a higher taste and aroma. Both types of cannabis can be extracted using the same methods, but nug runs are arguably more potent. Some state-licensed producers even use trim run in their edibles. So what’s the difference between trim and nug runs?

    Budder concentrates

    Budder, also known as batter, badder, or gummy, is a type of cannabis concentrate. It is a thick, waxy substance that is reminiscent of peanut butter or cake frosting. During the purification process, cannabis oils are whipped like a cake batter, giving budder its frosting-like consistency. Budder concentrates are among the most popular types of cannabis concentrates because they’re extremely easy to smoke and easy to handle.

    The process for creating budder is similar to that used to produce shatter. Concentrates are whipped to a butter-like consistency, and then heated. The heat can remove aromatic terpenes from the marijuana oil, so the end result is a buttery, easy-to-consume substance. This cannabis concentrate is also generally made with propane, which tends to have a butter-like consistency.

    Shatter concentrates

    The process used to make shatter is very similar to that used to create other cannabis extracts, but with one major difference: the use of butane as a solvent. Butane is commonly used to create hash oil, but other solvents, such as ethanol and carbon dioxide, are also effective. Carbon dioxide is often used to make other marijuana concentrates, but CO2-extraction leaves shatter without its characteristic texture.

    The process of creating shatter requires heat in order to activate the compounds and vaporize the resulting product. This process is necessary because shatter is meant to be vaped, and it’s almost impossible to get the desired high if you’ve not heated it. It’s important to store shatter properly, however, because improperly stored shatter will lose its snappy consistency, flavor, and potency. Always store shatter in a cool, dark room away from excessive heat, humidity, or UV light.

    Sugar concentrates

    Among the many types of marijuana concentrates, sugar wax is considered one of the tastiest. This wax is extracted with butane and has the same potency as flower does. Sugar wax has a full flavor and is slightly grainy in texture. Its cube-like form is filled with tiny crystals. Unlike other types of marijuana concentrates, sugar wax is much less messy to work with.

    While the name «sugar wax» may conjure up images of hair removal, sugar wax is a type of cannabis concentrate. It is a type of concentrate that resembles the consistency of wet sugar. Like shatter, sugar wax is made from cannabis, which has been chemically altered. This makes it counterproductive to use it as a potent cannabis concentrate. Unlike sugar wax, sugar concentrates for marijuana do not carry the psychoactive effects of cannabis oil, making them a safe and convenient alternative for many users.

    Oil concentrates

    While shatter is the most common form of marijuana oil, there are many other types of cannabis oil concentrates. Concentrates can be used in vape pens, tinctures, and edibles. The various types of concentrates are difficult to differentiate, but they can be categorized based on their processing methods, source materials, and colloquial jargon. Let’s look at some of the more common types of marijuana oil concentrates.

    Cannabis oils are runny, thick liquids derived from the cannabis plant. They are most commonly used in syringes and vape pen cartridges. Moreover, they have an unusual flavor. CO2 extraction, which is an alternative to solvent extraction, preserves more of the plant’s terpenes. Oil is the most common CBD concentrate. Hash is the oldest form of marijuana oil concentrates and can be made in many ways.


    Marijuana distillate is one of the newest additions to the cannabis industry. Distillation removes the unwanted smell and taste of weed. The concentrate is produced using a technological process known as molecular distillation. In a vacuum environment, the molecular components of marijuana are separated by their molecular weight. These concentrates can be used as a potent way to get high or experience specific cannabinoids. However, it is important to buy concentrate from a legal brand or licensed dispensary.

    Cannabis distillation is an extremely efficient method for extracting cannabinoids from cannabis. This method creates pure concentrates that have high potency and purity. Many people have already experimented with CBD and THC distillate, which are usually packaged in syringes or vape pen cartridges. However, the process is far from perfect. It is still a work in progress, but it is promising for the future of marijuana.

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